MacMaster Harvesters

MacMaster Nut Harvesters

Since the first Mac Master was built in 1988 the MacMaster has been at the forefront of Nut Harvesting in Australia.
The Mac Master was the first to introduce the larger 28” wheel machine, which meant an entire new range of commercial harvesters could be made for larger farms and contractors. The line-up of machines now includes mowers, blowers, sweepers, small and large harvesters.

Later type Macadamia Harvesters have mostly developed along the “out front” design, and MacMaster have several models in this range, including the well proven and ground breaking “Super Nabba.”

Lismore Tractors and Machinery offer a complete range of services with the MacMaster Harvesters;

  • New Nut Harvester Manufactures
  • Harvester Repairs
  • MacMaster parts and Supplies
  • Welding, Machining and Fabrication

Mac Master Nut Harvesters, when used properly present no risk or hazard to the operator.

Existing “Nut Nabba” owners note that in the quest for greater safety , extra guarding has been developed for the “Nut Nabba’ – which owners are advised to add to their harvesters.

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