Out Front

Out Front Harvester


  • 2.3 M head width with 1 M Offset to right hand side
  • Wider head available depending on farm conditions
  • Standard wheel pack lift to disengage wheels for end of row turning
  • 20” MACMASTER wheels in packs of 8 with gapless pick up
  • Independent wheel packs with 9” travel and reversible delta ejector fingers
  • 2 swivel wheels to front of head
  • 2 fixed wheels to rear of head for improved tracking especially on side slopes
  • 5” horizontal and lift augers with cleaning bars
  • Covered lift auger to comply with Workcover
  • Auger cut off when servicing wheel packs to comply with Workcover (MacMaster Exclusive)
  • Approx 300kgs over bonnet tipping bin, 2 tip rams. 1400mm bin and tip height
  • Auger height 1850mm

ADMAC dehusker can be fitted, effectively doubling bin capacity, halving trips to shed and eliminating husk pile at shed. Also helps with noise restrictions at shed site. Separate hydraulic system, belt driven by mower engine, with electric engagement.<br/>
No need to dismantle hydraulic system to detach harvester. Converts from harvester to mower in 10 minutes.