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Super Nabba Harvester

Original MacMaster green 28” wheels are generally regarded as the best wheel. Other manufacturers are constantly changing design and composition and still cannot match the MacMaster wheel. Just ask your nearest harvester contractor. Wheel pack arms have been reduced in thickness from 5mm to 3mm and packs tightened up giving an almost gapless head. There is a fixed ejector finger in the gap to eject nuts that are picked up in this area.

New “Delta” bi directional ejector fingers are fitted that allow reversing of machine to clear blockages and also prevent cross-tracking of fingers.

Safety of employees and operators is paramount with wheel pack safety valve, guarded augers, labelled controls and a precise operators manual.

Quality hydraulic components used including EATON Char-Lynn motors and SALAMI spool valves.
Harvesters can be fitted with the proven ADMAC dehusker effectively doubling bin capacity and halving trips to the shed. Stockpiling and spreading the husk is also done away with.

Options include hydraulic or PTO driven blower fan, with adjustable chute, wheel pack lift to enable faster end of row turning, and various capacity bins, either over bonnet or on forklift.

When the MACMASTER SUPER NABBA is fitted to a reverse drive tractor like the LAMBORGHINI CROSS BASSO both the float ram and top like ram stay with the tractor when harvester is removed. The float ram is fitted to the LHS lower link arm to provide float at the under tree end of the harvester.


  • MacMaster 28″ wheels
  • Wheel pack arms are 5mm to 3mm – pack tighten up giving almost gaples head
  • Bi Directional fingers are fitted that allow reversing of machine to clear blockages and prevent cross-tracking of fingers
  • Wheel pack safety valve, guarded auger, labled controls and precise operators manual
  • Quality hydraulic components used
  • Can be fitted with ADMAC dehusker
  • Options include, hydraulic PTO driven blower fan, wheel pack lift, various capacity bins

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